10615 W. Peoria Ave
Sun City, AZ 85351

Grant Application

West Valley Lutheran Thrift Grants

Revised 29 November 2017

The West Valley Lutheran Thrift Shop (WVLTS) is located at 10615 W Peoria Ave, Sun City, Arizona  85351.   The shop is staffed and managed by volunteers from many Lutheran and other Christian churches, friends and local supporters.

Our Mission Statement:  “In gratitude to God and love of neighbors, we will operate a Thrift Shop that will provide financial support for area Non-Profit Organizations and material assistance for families and individuals”.  Net revenue of the Thrift Shop is distributed to outreach ministries — primarily in the West Valley.  Our goal is to fund projects that have a significant impact on the ministries we are supporting.

Grant applications are evaluated with the following questions in mind:

  • Does this project match the WVLTS Mission Statement?
  • Is this a Christian-based organization?
  • Is this a Lutheran congregation?
  • Is the organization located in the West Valley (typically Maricopa County, West of I-17 and North of I-10)?
  • Does the project support Christian youth education programs?
  • Does the project support vulnerable children, youth and adults?
  • Does the application provide a complete financial picture of the organization (including the financial viability of the organization)?
  • Does the application provide complete information about the scope of the project (including other grants and funding sources for the project)?
  • Does the organization have other resources that could be utilized to meet the same need?
  • Does the organization provide volunteers or support to the WVLTS?

(We understand that  no project can meet all of the above-  but these are among the factors we use to evaluate an application)

Generally, project grants are not approved for the following:

  • Salaries
  • On-going budget line items
  • Organizations receiving regular grants or funding from national or state organizations

To apply for a grant from the West Valley Lutheran Thrift Shop, complete the application below and send the application, any supporting documentation, and last year’s financial report (Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet)   to:

WVLTS Grant Committee, West Valley Lutheran Thrift Shop, 10615 W Peoria Ave
Sun City, AZ 85351, Sun City, AZ  85351

 Sending by Email is preferred. For an editable Word file of the application please send an email request to:   [email protected]

West Valley Lutheran Thrift Grant Application

Please Note:  Grant are typically paid at the end of each quarter.  Below are the deadlines for receiving grant applications.

Grants to be paid                                  Application is needed by:

3/31                                                                  1/1

6/30                                                                  4/1

9/30                                                                  7/1

12/31                                                                10/1

More than 30 applications are received each year. We need time to review and ask questions. For large grants (typically, greater than $10,000) we prefer to provide the funds in quarterly increments and may require a project report and supporting fundraising status (if any) prior to incremental funding dispersal.

You must complete this form.  Attachment of supplemental information such as quotes or project details is encouraged. If a question (e.g. “website” is not applicable, please mark “NA”)